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42 Affirmations for a Healthy and Happy Physique

    42 Healthy and Happy Look Affirmations

  1. Staying active is easy and fun for me.
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  2. I enjoy looking for creative ways to exercise. I make physical activity fun so I can stay consistent with it.
  3. To maintain my active lifestyle, I think outside the gym and pursue health and fitness in my routine activities.
  4. When I go shopping, I park my car as far away as I can to force myself to walk a few extra steps. The excitement of heading to the store to purchase something new makes the walk seem irrelevant.
  5. At home, I dance every chance I get. Dancing is fun for the whole family and it gets my body moving.
  6. Even if I have few really impressive moves, dancing is a great way to express myself physically.
  7. I limit the amount of time I spend sitting still by volunteering to run errands or retrieve things for others.
  8. Constantly getting up and walking around helps me to be active.
  9. I eliminate excuses about exercise by finding easy ways to incorporate physical activity into the things I already do.
  10. Instead of coming up with an impossible workout plan, I fit physical fitness into the schedule I already have.
  11. Going to the gym and having a formal fitness plan is fantastic. However, adopting an active lifestyle promotes physical activity even during seasons when getting to the gym is difficult.
  12. Today, I choose to have a positive attitude about exercise. I choose to incorporate movement into everything I do and push myself to a higher level of physical wellbeing.
  13. I nourish and satisfy my mind, body, and soul.
  14. I give my mind, body, and soul what they crave to flourish and in return they enable me to live the most fulfilling life.
  15. I nurture my mind with imagination and knowledge and help it build attitudes of success.
  16. With meditation, I visualize happiness. Through reading and learning, I feed it new ideas on which to ponder.
  17. I foster good habits, confidence, and self-esteem with positive affirmations, repeating them throughout the day as the need arises.
  18. I nourish my body with nutritious foods and exercise. Eating right gives my body the nutrients it needs for optimum performance, clear thinking, and a strong immune system.
  19. Exercising relieves me of stress, distributes fresh bursts of oxygen throughout my body, keeps me in tip-top shape, revives me, and makes me feel good all over!
  20. When I feel good and know that I look good as well, I have the passion, confidence, and energy to take on the world! I feel as if nothing can stop me. Challenges become just a bump in the road on my path to success.
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  21. I feed my soul with a close connection to my Creator. I feel gratitude for all the good things I am blessed with and the wonderful things just waiting for me to discover and bring into my life. Every day is like a dance with my spirit!
  22. Today, I choose to celebrate my mind, body, and soul and feed them what they crave, knowing that these things will bring me a wondrous life.
  23. A positive body image enables me to have more fun in the sun.
  24. Summer is a time to go outside and soak up the beauty of nature. After a long winter, I am determined to enjoy my summer vacation time. Nothing gets in my way of having a good time in the sun.
  25. I make a mental inventory of all the things I love about my body. I start with my genuine smile. My smile radiates the confidence I feel in my soul. My confidence is what makes the real splash.
  26. When I am out in the sun, I am concerned with getting a nice tan and having a good time. The shape of my body is the farthest thought from my mind. The beach is far from a body-judging contest; it is a place to lay back.
  27. In front of the mirror, I look myself in the eye and speak words of affirmation to myself. I am beautiful from the inside out. The beauty inside me radiates through my face and overtakes my appearance.
  28. I am relaxed about my looks. Time spent in the sun is meant to be fun without thinking about my body.
  29. Everyone has a feature that they dislike about their own figure. I refrain from being critical of others the same way that I want them to overlook my imperfections.
  30. Today, I choose to relax about my looks by accepting my body the way it is and dressing it with confidence.
  31. I focus on having fun and I shut out any thoughts of comparison.
  32. Physical fitness is important to me.
  33. I love how my body feels when I maintain a high level of physical fitness. I also love how the rest of my being operates when I am physically fit.
  34. I aim to combine the other activities in my life with exercise so I remain balanced.
  35. When I am physically fit, I breeze through everyday tasks. I can move around with agility without feeling tired and winded.
  36. I can accomplish activities like grocery shopping, housecleaning and playing with the kids when I make time for exercise.
  37. My physical fitness is important to me because it allows my mind to be sharp.
  38. When I exercise regularly, I feel a heightened sense of awareness and mental sharpness. And when that happens, I am able to think quickly and make timely decisions.
  39. In my job, I am required to make sound, timely decisions. I know that exercising on a regular basis can help me excel in my job and produce the results that my employers need.
  40. I believe in having a balanced life to produce optimal results overall. Just as rest and proper diet are important to me, so is exercise.
  41. Today, I continue to focus on physical fitness, especially as I get older. I realize that consistent exercise is important to ensure I am a balanced individual.
  42. I know that being physically fit means that I can accomplish more things on a day to day basis. 

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Self-Reflection Questions:

  • How can I be more active today?
  • Why is it important to have physical activity be part of my everyday life?
  • What changes can I make to my beliefs about physical fitness to better benefit me?
  • What did I do today to nourish my mind?
  • How often do I give in to the temptation of choosing junk food over nutritious food?
  • Have I attended to the needs of my spirit?
  • Am I self-conscious about how I look in a swimsuit?
  • How can I choose a swimsuit that flatters my body type?
  • Why is it important to have a positive self-image?
  • Am I able to find creative ways to exercise when I am away from my usual workout routine and equipment?
  • Is it easier for me to feel motivated to work out when I do it in the company of friends who also aim for physical fitness?
  • Are there times when I overdo exercise?

Ty Lois

I am a sport enthusiast and a health and wellness coach. I don't just write about health and fitness, it is what I do. My education is in Kinesiology. When I am not in the gym or on the field, you will find me taking pictures or baking. I am Ty, and I am so fun to be around, no dull moments!

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