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Affirmations for Weight Loss
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44 Positive Affirmations for Losing Weight in 2020

44 Affirmations

I have compiled for you 44 Powerful Affirmations for reinforcing Healthy Lifestyle and Losing Unwanted Bodyfat Weight in 2020.

  1. Each wise food choice I make takes me closer to a healthier lifestyle.
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  2. My health is more important to me than material possessions or personal achievements. It is that element of my being that dictates my ability to go out and pursue goals and missions.
  3. I know that without good health, I am limited in my ability to grow.
  4. I make wise food choices every chance I get because I know the importance of healthy eating to my physical well-being.
  5. Each wise food choice I make takes me closer to the healthy lifestyle that makes other achievements possible.
  6. I acknowledge that my food cravings can sometimes lead me down the path to unhealthy eating, but I am always conscious of my choices. I always follow the wise choices with foods that better serve my healthy goals.
  7. When I eat healthily, my whole being feels very different because I am giving my body what it needs for optimum performance.
  8. I am more energetic and sharp-minded. I rarely get sick. I feel healthy inside and out and it shows. My hair, skin, nails and body look great!
  9. Plus, I am more motivated to exercise and keep my body in shape.
  10. Today, I am less concerned about satisfying a food craving and more concerned about maintaining my health. I like the person I am when I maintain a healthy lifestyle. I look good and I feel good.
  11. I commit to sticking to healthy food choices.
  12. My healthy lifestyle helps those around me. This is my greatest reward.
  13. Finding ways to improve my life is important to me.
  14. I take steps toward living a better life by making healthy lifestyle choices. When I find wholesome choices that I want to incorporate into my life, I am eager to share these discoveries with my friends and family.
  15. Using my healthy lifestyle to help those around me is a great reward.
  16. Fueling my body with healthful foods is vital because I want to feel energized and strong. Making good eating choices is easy when I make a firm commitment to myself.
  17. When I buy groceries, I fill my cart with fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grain breads and pastas.
  18. I also find new recipes that will make my family feel nourished and satisfied.
  19. Choosing balanced meals and trying healthful recipes makes me feel proud. Sharing these discoveries with my friends and family is rewarding because I am excited to see them benefit from my healthy lifestyle.
  20. Exercising is just another way for me to share a healthy lifestyle with others.
  21. When I find a new exercise class, I invite a friend to join me. When I take walks in the evening, I ask my partner to accompany me.
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  22. When there is a pleasant day, I take my children to the park. Feeling invigorated by exercise and rejuvenated by fresh air is a gift I am happy to share with my loved ones.
  23. My greatest reward is helping those around me live a healthy lifestyle. I am proud when I see my family and friends are on the pathway to living long and healthy lives.
  24. I am so glad that my loved ones benefit from my healthy choices.
  25. I make smart food decisions at restaurants.
  26. I carefully select food at restaurants because I care about my health. Temptations are abundant, but I choose wise options that support my goal of eating nutritiously.
  27. I carefully look at a restaurant menu before I order.
  28. I avoid letting the server influence my choices with unhealthy specials. Likewise, the choices of my family or friends fail to affect my decision. Regardless of the situation, I select the best options to fit my diet.
  29. I ask questions before I order food to ensure I choose healthy options. I unabashedly ask about fat content, calories, or ingredients.
  30. I remember to make smart choices about garnishes or toppings. I politely request easy, health-conscious changes to my dishes, like leaving off the dressing or croutons.
  31. I focus on the healthiest dishes on the restaurant menu. I think about the vitamins and minerals in my food. I select menu items that have higher amounts of these nutrients.
  32. I consider the total fat, calorie, protein, and carbohydrate amounts in my entire meal. My food choices ultimately determine my health, so balance is important.
  33. I also select items that help me feel full because they contain fiber. This way, I avoid temptations from being hungry again in just a short while.
  34. Today, I eat nutritiously even when I go out to eat. I choose meal options that support my good health.
  35. I adhere to the guidelines of my diet because it makes me feel good about myself.
  36. My health is extremely important to me. For this reason, I make it a point to consciously adhere to the guidelines of my diet.
  37. It is easy to say that having a slice of pizza here and spoonful of ice cream there is completely harmless. But I know that one slice of pizza can turn into two. And one spoonful of ice cream can turn into half of the pint!
  38. I definitely stick to my diet for health reasons. But it also gives me a sense of empowerment to know that I have the strength to decline temptation. To me, this signifies that I am completely in control of not only my diet, but also my life!
  39. When I go out to eat with friends, I order something healthy such as fish with steamed vegetables. And if the selection of healthy entrees is slim, I opt for a simple soup or salad to satisfy my hunger.
  40. I feel good about myself each time I make a decision that is in keeping with my diet. These choices bolster me mentally and physically.
  41. In addition, knowing that I can soon reach my goal weight is enough to help me decline unhealthy options.
  42. I like to envision my success. I see myself being able to finally show off the body that I deserve! Everyone likes to feel beautiful, and I am no different!
  43. Today, I empower myself by sticking to my diet.
  44. I realize that weight loss is about more than just a physical change; it’s about improving my health as well as my mental and emotional balance.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I encourage my co-workers to make healthier food choices?
  2. Where do I get motivation to practice healthy eating at all times?
  3. What impact can my food choices have on my ability to perform well at work and at home?
  4. What healthy choices do I make in my life?
  5. How can I use my healthy lifestyle to help my friends and family?
  6. What actions can I take, today, to help those around me benefit from a healthy lifestyle?
  7. How can I avoid temptation while eating out with my family at their favorite restaurant?
  8. How can I find a balance between healthy food and occasional treats?
  9. What can I do to encourage others to make healthier choices at restaurants?
  10. Is my diet too strict to keep up with for a prolonged period of time?
  11. Do my friends pressure me to eat unhealthy foods?
  12. How often do I choose to eat healthy rather than having a fatty or carb-heavy meal?


Ty Lois

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