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Affirmations for Weight Loss
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55 Affirmations for a Healthy Weight loss

55 Healthy Weight Loss Affirmations

  1. I am comfortable with my weight.
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  2. I am happy with my current weight and believe I can maintain it. I accept myself at this size and acknowledge my beauty.
  3. My body is uniquely designed by the God of the universe. I accept the body I see in the mirror.
  4. I feel great about my existing weight. My metabolism works correctly, I eat nutritiously, and I exercise to stay at my current weight.
  5. Weight management is easy for me because I have effective strategies and self-control on my side.
  6. Minor weight fluctuations of a few pounds are fine. It is normal for weight to fluctuate by a few pounds, and I accept this.
  7. I am content with the way I look today.
  8. My mindset is focused on long-term weight management. I have an active lifestyle that keeps my weight under control without extreme diet restrictions.
  9. I maintain healthy food and exercise routines that keep me on track.
  10. Today, I am happy with my body and current weight. With my healthy lifestyle, I can maintain my weight level with ease.
  11. I am reaching a healthy weight.
  12. I feel lighter each day. All the little changes that I put into place have a significant and positive effect on my path to reaching my goal weight.
  13. I consistently choose healthy foods with appropriate serving sizes that nourish my body. I prefer healthy foods.
  14. When someone offers me a food that neglects my objective, I easily and politely decline.
  15. When I struggle to make the correct food choices, I quickly remind myself of the importance of reaching my goal weight. This gentle reminder is all I need to get back on the correct path.
  16. I feel stronger and more capable of making positive decisions. I know that I can reach my healthy weight soon.
  17. Exercise feels good, and I exercise regularly. I choose exercises that I enjoy, so I look forward to my exercise time every day.
  18. Sometimes I go for a walk, ride a bike, go hiking, or play sports instead of doing regular workouts.
  19. I can feel my body getting stronger and healthier. My clothes fit better and I like what I am seeing in the mirror.
  20. I can tell that others are starting to notice the positive changes in my body as well. The pride that I feel makes each day a little bit easier than the day before.
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  21. Today, I am making wise food and exercise choices as I get closer and closer to my healthiest weight.
  22. I am the perfect weight for me.
  23. I realize that some people are supposed to be smaller than others, while others are supposed to be larger. My body is the perfect shape and size for me.
  24. I strive to eat healthy foods, but I am free of the need to be perfect. When I slip and eat an unhealthy food, I simply strive to do better the next time.
  25. Eating well is quite easy for me. I love healthy foods.
  26. I might occasionally wish that I weighed less than I do. During those times, I remember that I am blessed to have such an amazing body that is capable of amazing things.
  27. Many beautiful people have the same body shape as I do. I am beautiful. I find that my body naturally seeks out the perfect weight.
  28. I trust my body and spirit to find and maintain my ideal bodyweight.
  29. I have the self-control necessary to easily find and keep my bodyweight in the perfect range.
  30. I love to look at myself in the mirror and am proud of my appearance.
  31. Today, I am grateful for the body I have been given. I choose to eat in a healthy manner and exercise regularly.
  32. I love my body and am happy with the way I look. I am the perfect weight for me.
  33. My weight loss goals are attainable.
  34. My accomplishments include great triumphs in school, my career, and family matters.
  35. Weight loss may be a challenge, but I know that my weight loss goal can be achieved just as I tackle other challenges in my life and win!
  36. For a driven person like me, losing weight is more like a game rather than a burden. Each pound I lose is a sign of my strength and determination.
  37. By placing such a positive spin on my efforts to lose weight, I increase both my confidence and my will to succeed.
  38. My weight loss goals are perfectly achievable. I set a reasonable timeline to lose weight and milestones to let me know how far I have come.
  39. Each time I reach a milestone, I treat myself to a movie or a gift unrelated to food.
  40. Rewarding my achievements, no matter how small, gives me the motivation to keep on going.
  41. I can have my cake and eat it too. But I always make sure that it is angel food cake with a natural fruit topping! Choices like this let me enjoy the sweets I crave in healthier, smaller-calorie ways.
  42. The more I learn about food, the more pleasing choices I can find.
  43. Like a game, I can find ways to prevent me from sabotaging myself, and win! Just as I can find tasty foods that are healthy, I also find fun ways to exercise.
  44. With my positive mindset, the pounds just seem to be melting off! I am eating healthily, exercising regularly, and controlling my cravings.
  45. Today, I keep my eye on the prize: fitting into my skinny jeans! I am actively working towards regaining the beach body that I once displayed proudly.
  46. I maintain a healthy body weight.
  47. I take my health and my body seriously. I strive to eat healthy foods at all meals. Before I place any food in my mouth, I consider whether it will nurture or damage my health.
  48. I am able to avoid unhealthy foods most of the time. I may have the rare slip now and then, but I return to my healthy ways quickly and easily.
  49. I avoid feeling bad about my occasional unhealthy mistakes. A few transgressions are par for the course. I know that my healthy habits are strong.
  50. I congratulate myself when I make healthy food choices. When I feel good about myself and my choices, it becomes even easier to stick to healthy fare.
  51. I also exercise regularly. I exercise in a way that maximizes my health and leaves me feeling refreshed.
  52. I have a few forms of exercise that I enjoy and partake in regularly. I can happily exercise with myself or with others.
  53. My body naturally moves toward a weight that is healthy for me. I find I can maintain this body weight with a minimum of fuss. My food choices and exercise habits make it easy to keep myself feeling fit and trim.
  54. Today, I enjoy my healthy body weight. If I need to gain or lose a few pounds, I accomplish that with grace and ease.
  55. I make my health a priority and maintain a healthy body weight.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When I look in the mirror, how do I feel about what I see? Am I happy with my current weight?
  2. How can I get to my ideal weight and maintain it?
  3. How can I balance my food and exercise routine to work better for me?
  4. What is healthy substitute for my favorite ‘bad’ food?
  5. How can I incorporate more exercise into my daily routines?
  6. At what time of day do I feel the most challenged about making positive food choices?
  7. Am I eating in a healthy manner that will support my weight goal?
  8. Do I get regular exercise?
  9. Am I grateful for my body? What are some of the amazing things my body can do?
  10. Am I losing weight to please myself or someone else?
  11. Am I truly overweight or am I simply striving for perfection?
  12. How can I curb cravings to stay strong in times of weakness?
  13. What is the healthiest body weight for me?
  14. What do I need to do to reach that body weight in a healthy manner?
  15. How will I feel if I attain and maintain that healthy weight?

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