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Affirmations for Weight Loss
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Healthy Body Weight: 7 Affirmations that helps

I maintain a healthy body weight.

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Healthy body weight is of high priority to me. I affirm that I take my health and my body seriously. I strive to eat healthy foods at all meals. Before I place any food in my mouth, I consider whether it will nurture or damage my health.

Take a deep breath!

I am able to avoid unhealthy foods most of the time. I may have the rare slip now and then, but I return to my healthy ways quickly and easily.

Think about that for a moment!

I avoid feeling bad about my occasional unhealthy mistakes. A few transgressions are par for the course. I know that my healthy habits are strong.

Time to take a deep breath!

I congratulate myself when I make healthy food choices. When I feel good about myself and my choices, it becomes even easier to stick to healthy fare.

Think about that for a moment!

I also exercise regularly. I exercise in a way that maximizes my health and leaves me feeling refreshed. I have a few forms of exercise that I enjoy and partake in regularly. I can happily exercise with myself or with others.

Time to take a deep breath!

My body naturally moves toward a weight that is healthy for me. I find I can maintain this body weight with a minimum of fuss. My food choices and exercise habits make it easy to keep myself feeling fit and trim.

Think about that for a moment!

Today, I enjoy my healthy body weight. If I need to gain or lose a few pounds, I accomplish that with grace and ease. I make my health a priority and maintain a healthy body weight.

Affirmative Reflection:

  1. What is the healthiest body weight for me?
  2. What do I need to do to reach that body weight in a healthy manner?
  3. How will I feel if I attain and maintain that healthy weight?

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Ty Lois

I am a sport enthusiast and a health and wellness coach. I don't just write about health and fitness, it is what I do. My education is in Kinesiology. When I am not in the gym or on the field, you will find me taking pictures or baking. I am Ty, and I am so fun to be around, no dull moments!

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