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40 Affirmations

80 Life-Changing Weight Loss Affirmations that Works

80 Positive Weight Loss Affirmations that Works We have compiled below 80 ridiculously valuable, life-changing and positive affirmations for motivating yourself and attaining your weight loss goals. 1. Weight Loss Affirmations that work: 1 – 10 I choose to eat food that nourishes my body. Living a full, healthy life helps me make smart decisions

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Red Tea Detox

A Honest Review of the Red Tea Detox

What is The Red Tea Detox? The Red Tea Detox pdf supports the suggestion that detoxification might be the best new way to lose weight, lose belly fat and stay lean according to a recent study Dr. Paula F. Baillie. As mentioned in the Red Tea Detox pdf program, Toxins have been proven to be

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Running: 7 Helpful Affirmations for a running workout

Running is empowerment. Before I begin a run, I prepare mentally. I pre-determine goals. I plan to improve my distance, time, or pace. Running challenges my physical and mental stamina. Take a deep breath! I maintain focus throughout. Distractions affect my ability to succeed. I concentrate on the path ahead of me, my pace, and

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Exercising daily

Exercising daily: 9 Helpful Affirmations that Works

I am committed to exercising daily. I am totally committed to exercising daily. My spirit, soul and body agree with this. Having good health is at the top of my priorities list, and I recognize that I need regular physical activity to sustain me. Therefore, I make it a point to get some exercise each

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