Habits & Addiction


SODA:12 Effective Tips for Quitting Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks such as SODA have been linked to diabetes, obesity, and now to a shorter life span. A study led by Harvard University found that consuming at least two of these drinks each day makes you 31% more likely to die early from cardiovascular disease. It’s a serious issue for anyone concerned about their

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Fast Food

The Fast Food Habit and 10 Tips For Breaking It

While fast food outlets keep advertising healthier menu items, a recent study found that most choices have become more fattening over the past 30 years. You’re likely to be consuming extra calories and sodium with each order. Between 1986 and 2016, the average entree gained 100 calories while desserts gained 200. Meanwhile, most side dishes

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Overeating: 12 Surprising Reasons Why You Overeat

Why do people overeat? Why do you eat? Overeating can have many causes, but they all produce the same result. You gain weight and feel like you’re out of control. While you may be blaming yourself for lacking willpower or not trying hard enough, there could be something else at work. The real reasons why

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