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Running: 7 Helpful Affirmations for a running workout

Running is empowerment. Before I begin a run, I prepare mentally. I pre-determine goals. I plan to improve my distance, time, or pace. Running challenges my physical and mental stamina. Take a deep breath! I maintain focus throughout. Distractions affect my ability to succeed. I concentrate on the path ahead of me, my pace, and

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Exercising daily

Exercising daily: 9 Helpful Affirmations that Works

I am committed to exercising daily. I am totally committed to exercising daily. My spirit, soul and body agree with this. Having good health is at the top of my priorities list, and I recognize that I need regular physical activity to sustain me. Therefore, I make it a point to get some exercise each

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Consistent Diet

Consistent Diet: 7 Helpful Affirmations for Success.

A consistent diet leads to consistent physical performance. I affirm that I am sticking to a consistent diet, and as I do so I see the positive results in my physical performance. 1. I believe that it is good to nourish my body from the inside out. When I eat consistently healthy, my physical performance

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