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Weight Loss Affirmations
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Consistent Diet: 7 Helpful Affirmations for Success.

A consistent diet leads to consistent physical performance.

I affirm that I am sticking to a consistent diet, and as I do so I see the positive results in my physical performance.

1. I believe that it is good to nourish my body from the inside out. When I eat consistently healthy, my physical performance is maintained at a high level.

2. I feed my body so I have enough energy to take on my daily routines. Filling my system with fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C helps me to cope. When I nourish myself from natural sources, my energy is long-lasting.

3. When I carefully choose the time of day to have certain foods, I contribute to maximum physical performance. I purposely make morning and evening food choices different.

4. Having carbs in the morning fuels both my mind and my body. I am able to work and exercise without feeling tired or worn down. I reserve anti-inflammatory foods for the end of the day because that is when I recharge and renew my body.

5. Focusing on this cycle of eating allows me to be productive. It also allows me to put my system to rest when it is time to turn in at night.

6. Whenever I make drastic changes to my diet, I feel the difference in my performance. I use discipline to keep my diet choices consistent, so my results are consistent.

7. Today, I am committed to maintaining a high level of performance through feeding my body with good foods at the right time.

Affirmative Reflections:

  1. Where do I look for advice on how to nurture my body?
  2. What are some of the foods that I eliminate from my diet from time to time?
  3. How do I know when my body requires rest and rejuvenation?

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Ty Lois

I am a sport enthusiast and a health and wellness coach. I don't just write about health and fitness, it is what I do. My education is in Kinesiology. When I am not in the gym or on the field, you will find me taking pictures or baking. I am Ty, and I am so fun to be around, no dull moments!

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