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The Old School New Body Review – Does It Work?

The Old School New Body

The Old School New Body Review – Lose Weight and Reverse Your Aging Process. Does It Work?

Dieting and weight loss diet is such a complex topic, which makes it hard for people to know what they need to do to lose weight, stay lean and live healthily.

Once you reach the age of 40 years and above, you start to get the “dad-body” and “skinny fat” look. The Old School New Body program promises that any funny look you are having as a result of aging can be fixed with his eating and workout principles.

If you are looking for an honest review that sheds light on the claims of Steve Holman about the anti-aging and weight loss effects of the workouts in his Old School New Body program, you are in the right place.

This Old School New Body review reveals the major things you need to know about the F4x training system and Old School New Body nutrition plan. This is meant to help you make an informed buyer decision concerning the Old School New Body program.

Our review team has out this review together to answer the questions posed by our esteemed readers who are curious about the authenticity of the program. They want to know if the claims of the author are exaggerated in order to make money. So, this review is meant to give answers to the following questions about the Old School New Body system:

    1. What is the Old School New Body program?
  1. Who is the author of this fitness program- Can you trust them?
  2. What are the content of the Old School New Body training system?
  3. What are the pros and cons?
  4. What is our recommendation on the Old School New Body pdf download?

Steve and Becky Holman –

About the Authors of the Old School New Body program

The brains behind the Old School New Body training system are Steve and Becky Holman. They are fitness experts with good experience of many years. They both have personal experiences with the struggle against being overweight.

Steve Holman has been lifting weight since he was 19 years old and has authored over 20 books on it. Becky was especially able to transform her body after the age of 40. Both of them have been contributors to the Iron Man Magazine for many years now where they share their expertise on nutrition, fitness and weight loss.

You can learn more about Steve Holman on their website or author page on Amazon.

What Is the Old School New Body Program?

Old School New Body is a complete fitness program created to help you the way you workout and eat in such a way that your fitness goal of losing weight, getting toned or staying lean will be achieved faster and in a natural way.

The program makes use of Focus-4 Exercise (F4X) protocol. It is intended to help you kick-start your metabolism and reduce your vulnerability to injuries as you workout. The training system combines cardio exercise with weight training to promote fat burning and muscle building. The Old School New Body system’s concept is based on 5 formulated basic rules that are claimed to combat the aging process:

  1. Stop blaming your old age every time
  2. Stop eating low fat diets
  3. Stop running in circles (like treadmills)
  4. Drink more water
  5. Work out less

The Old School New Body system consists of workout and exercise routines along with nutritional information that helps you adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Concept and Content of The Old School New Body -The F4X Training Plan

All the basic rules of the Old School New Body program are encompassed in F4X (Focus 4 Exercise) training plan. This training system only requires you to spend 1: 30 min in a week to achieve your ideal body.

The Old School New Body program consists of diet plans and exclusive exercises. The entire Old School New Body training system is divided into three basic phases: the first, second and third phases.

The 1st Phase – This first is referred to as the F4X Lean. This is very important to the beginning of this training system. This is where you are introduced to certain exercise plans and meal plans that are created to boost up metabolism and shed unwanted body fat wanted.

The 2nd Phase- This is called F4X Shape. It is an optional but further motivates you to work out more so that you can build some muscles to get toned and shape up your body.

The 3rd phase – Known as the F4X Build is also another optional phase. It consists of aggressive exercises and exclusively serious diet plans designed to help you enhance your fitness.

What to Expect in Old School New Body

Here is what you can expect to meet in the OSNB program package:

  1. The Old School New Body PDF
  2. The F4X Quick-Workout Start Guide
  3. The Ultimate Fat-Burning Secret
  4. The Ultimate Muscle-Building Secret
  5. The Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secret
  6. The Ultimate Happiness and Health Secret

The Pros and Cons of the Old School New Body Program

Find below a table of the pros and cons of the Old School New Body Pdf Download.

Pros & Cons

  • The Old School New Body pdf comes with an illustrated guide that demonstrates how the exercises should be carried out.
  • The Old School New Body F4X workout program comes with exercise plans that are suitable for anyone.
  • The Old School New Body system consist of a wealth of information that teaches you all the things you need to know about weight loss and embarking on the fitness journey using the F4X method.
  • The F4X training system is offered at $20.
  • Time-Efficient: The workouts in the program are easy and do not consume time.
  • There are positive feedbacks from the users of the OSNB program.
  • The Program is not only cheap but also comes with a 100% money back guarantee.
  • There are no videos for the workouts.
  • Results vary and are slow for some people.
  • Due to varied and slow results, you will need to have a strong determination, consistence and focus.
  • The Old School New Body system is only available in digital format.
  • It can be a bit difficult to follow along with the book in digital form, as the layout of the Old School New Body system is more oriented to a print book.
  • There is information in the book that I personally prefer not to know, such as the details about the personal lives of the authors, which wasn’t necessary.


The Old School New Body is not a scam. Most of fitness programs are created to augment fitness levels and achieve weight loss, but the old school new body training method offers more than that.

When compared to other anti-aging products in the market today, the Old School New Body training system is pocket-friendly and is reported to provide users with real results. You can weigh the pros and cons of the program to decide whether or not to check it out.

There is money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.


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