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Water Diet, Metabolism and Weight Loss
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Water Diet, Metabolism, and Losing Weight

Weight Loss Diet and Foods – Water Diet

I like to share with you my candid, eye-opening advice on water diet, your metabolism and the desirable results of losing weight.

I believe you agree with me that, to achieve a healthy and lasting weight loss, it is essential to invest in good eating habits and diets.

There are different types of diets to lose weight, and each uses its method, according to the desired purpose. To lose weight healthily, the body must expend more calories than it consumes.

In this article, you will learn about the water diet and how it helps to reduce weight.

With no further ado, let’s dive in…

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What is Water Diet?

The water diet is the same as fasting without eating anything.

Other nutritionists claim that the water diet is a variant of the intermittent fasting diet, an eating plan that promotes extreme calorie reduction – which limits consumption for women to 600 calories and 500 calories for men – over two days (no consecutive weeks).

There are several versions of the water diet.

While some are more extreme and allow only water to be consumed, others advise eating an apple next to the liquid, and some accept the addition of fruits and vegetables, once the person has already started to lose weight.

Based on the fact that water has no calories in its composition, it is consumed to promote weight loss. In addition to offering other benefits, such as improving skin and hair hydration, reducing swelling, it can improve blood circulation.

As a result of the calorie restriction, the water diet helps in weight reduction in the short term, but weight loss does not mean the loss of body fat itself.

This lost weight may be the result of the loss of fluid retained in the body. When followed for a long time, it can cause serious health problems due to the lack of nutrients in the diet.

The Demerit of Water Diet

The diet does not allow food reeducation; it only includes glasses of water distributed during each meal.

Besides, there are not yet enough studies to effectively prove its benefits.

People can also overdo it, like taking too much water thinking the more water they take, the more benefits they get. It is not necessarily so.

There must be a healthy measure to every good thing, and it is hard to tell what measure is good enough. So you might need to speak with your nutritionist or doctor.

Will I lose weight if I stop eating for 3 days?

Yes, you will lose weight if you stop eating for days. This literally work for me, but I don’t do so without taking water and sometime a little fruit and/or vegetable.

You will reduce your body’s fluid than actual fat since your body uses its stored glycogen for fuel before turning it into fat.

As you release glycogen, you end up losing water – the reason for rapid weight loss. You should however not starve yourself to lose weight.

Healthy weight loss does not require starvation, instead, it requires consistent adherence to a diet or meal plan.

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How can I lose 20 pounds in 3 days?

You may be wondering, “how can I lose 20 pounds in 3 days?” On a good note, it’s impossible to lose 20 pounds in three days.

If that’s your goal, then you need to change it as you will cause harm to yourself.

Instead, write a weight loss goal to lose one or two pounds a week. It’s safer and a healthier approach to weight loss.

People who have successfully lost weight without suffering from untold side effects have done so on a steady and healthy diet plan.

If you go for a short cut, you might end up having undesirable complications. The good news is, you can lose weight without causing more problems for yourself.

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What vitamins speed up your metabolism?

Several vitamins boost metabolism including; B Vitamins such as biotin, riboflavin, cobalamin, pyridoxine, and many others. Vitamin D, such as fortified cereals, salmon, egg yolk, sardines, tuna, and many others.

Most of these are easily available in local stores and in online stores like Amazon.

We have compiled a list of supplements that you might find useful here.

Final thoughts

Weight loss diets are effective for losing weight, particularly when the diet plan is built around natural substance, such as water, fruits, vegetables and herbs.

If you choose not to opt for a water diet, it’s essential to eat foods that will boost your metabolism.

With that approach, you can lose weight fast and consistently, and more importantly in a healthy manner.

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