80 Life-Changing Weight Loss Affirmations that Works

40 Affirmations
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80 Positive Weight Loss Affirmations that Works

We have compiled below 80 ridiculously valuable, life-changing and positive affirmations for motivating yourself and attaining your weight loss goals.

1. Weight Loss Affirmations that work: 1 – 10

  1. I choose to eat food that nourishes my body.
  2. Living a full, healthy life helps me make smart decisions every day.
  3. Each day of my life is made up of a variety of exciting events.
  4. In every event in my life, I make choices that advance my wellbeing.
  5. I focus on selecting choices that are right for me.
  6. I make right choices about exercising, how I spend my time, what I eat and drink.
  7. Regardless how my day goes, I make it a priority to eat healthy and nourishing meals.
  8. I choose only food and beverages that provide my body with the nutrients it needs to function well.
  9. When making food choices, I remind myself of my health goals.
  10. Including fruit at each meal ensures I get plenty of fiber and sweetness in my day.
80 Highly Positive Weight Loss Affirmations that Works
80 Highly Positive Weight Loss Affirmations that Works

2. Weight Loss Affirmations that work: 11 – 20

  1. I consume more fiber in my morning cereal.
  2. I receive more important nutrients by eating several servings of vegetables and dairy products each day.
  3. I eat foods rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, which gives me abundant energy.
  4. Whether I focus on staying physically fit or remaining healthy and free from medication as I grow older, I choose to eat foods that nourish me.
  5. Today, I am confident of my ability to stick with only nourishing foods.
  6. I eat only what my body need to keep my energy up today and stay healthy over the years.
  7. The food I eat serve my health needs and purposes.
  8. I am fully aware that not all opportunities to eat are appropriate times for me to do so.
  9. I do not consume food to alleviate boredom or to medicate my emotions.
  10. I value my well-being and eat only when I am hungry.

3. Weight Loss Affirmations that work: 21 – 30

  1. I have a positive relationship with my body.
  2. Each day, I feel healthy and vibrant.
  3. I am able to perpetuate my happy and good feelings for as long as I live.
  4. I know that eating correctly and staying physically fit are crucial parts of taking good care of myself.
  5. I strive to eat balanced meals and have healthy snacks.
  6. I consume only as much food as I need.
  7. I eat well and at appropriate times
  8. I feel better about myself.
  9. By taking good care of all parts of me, my trust in myself grows.
  10. I demonstrate my character to myself through acting in accordance with my highest good.

4. Weight Loss Affirmations that works: 31 – 40

  1. I am thankful for the abundance of healthy food available to me.
  2. I revel in the many colors, aromas and textures of fruits and vegetables.
  3. In order to get the most enjoyment out of my food, I wait to eat until I am actually hungry.
  4. Today, I eat only when I am hungry.
  5. I value the role of food in keeping me healthy and in a good relationship with my body.
  6. I choose to perpetuate a positive relationship with my body.
  7. I make wise choices about when and what I eat.
  8. I love foods that keep me fit.
  9. A healthy diet keeps my mind and body strong.
  10. I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

5. Weight Loss Affirmations that work: 41 – 50

  1. I consume at least 7 servings of fruits and veggies a day.
  2. I stock my kitchen with delicious and nutritious choices.
  3. I focus on whole foods.
  4. I fill my plate with things that I could grow myself, whether they come from my garden or the local farmer’s market.
  5. I cut down on processed foods.
  6. I check labels so I can avoid excess sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats.
  7. I experiment with new recipes.
  8. I broaden my eating patterns so I can enjoy my meals more.
  9. I discover interesting ways to use zucchini and flaxseed.
  10. I take a second chance on wholesome foods that I shunned when I was a child.
80 Highly Positive Weight Loss Affirmations that Works
80 Highly Positive Weight Loss Affirmations that Works

6. Weight Loss Affirmations that work: 51 – 60

  1. I snack wisely.
  2. I bring baby carrots and hummus to work instead of visiting the vending machine.
  3. For long car trips, I pack a cooler with yogurt and hard-boiled eggs.
  4. I treat myself to a handful of almonds before bed.
  5. I watch my calorie intakes.
  6. Moderation helps me to maintain a healthy weight.
  7. I eat mindfully.
  8. I sit down and savor my food.
  9. I notice the scents, flavors, textures, and colors.
  10. I chew each mouthful thoroughly.

7. Weight Loss Affirmations that work: 61 – 70

  1. Today, I pay attention to what I put into my body.
  2. Eating healthy foods is one of the ways that I practice self-love.
  3. I enjoy my food, and feel grateful for the part it plays in helping me to lead a long and fulfilling life.
  4. For me, a consistent diet leads to consistent physical performance.
  5. I feel good to nourish my body from the inside out.
  6. When I eat consistently healthy, my physical performance is maintained at a high level.
  7. I feed my body so I have enough energy to take on my daily routines.
  8. Filling my system with fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C helps me stay strong.
  9. When I nourish myself from natural sources, my energy is long-lasting.
  10. When I carefully choose the time of day to have certain foods, I have maximum physical performance.

8. Weight Loss Affirmations that work: 71 – 80

  1. I purposely make morning and evening food choices different.
  2. Having carbs in the morning fuels both my mind and my body.
  3. I am able to work and exercise without feeling tired or worn down.
  4. I reserve anti-inflammatory foods for the end of the day because that is when I recharge and renew my body.
  5. Focusing on this cycle of eating allows me to be productive.
  6. I am able to put my system to rest when it is time to turn in at night.
  7. Whenever I make drastic changes to my diet, I feel the difference in my performance.
  8. I use discipline to keep my diet choices consistent, so my results are consistent.
  9. Today, I am committed to maintaining a high level of performance.
  10. I feed my body with good foods at the right time.

13 Life-changing Weight Loss Self-Reflection:

  1. Do I eat foods each day that nourish my body?
  2. How can I make healthier choices regarding what I eat?
  3. What can I do to ensure that I choose nourishing foods?
  4. How can I tell when I am actually hungry?
  5. Do I ever eat at times when I am not hungry?
  6. What am I attempting to satisfy with food?
  7. What else could I do in these situations instead of eating?
  8. What is my primary motivation for eating healthy?
  9. What is one new fruit or vegetable that I want to try?
  10. How can I train myself to love healthy food?
  11. Where do I look for advice on how to nurture my body?
  12. What are some of the foods that I eliminate from my diet from time to time?
  13. How do I know when my body requires rest and rejuvenation?


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